Airfree P40 Filterless Air Purifier with Night Light


What stands out Improves air quality protects against dry skin and alleviates symptoms of cold flu and asthma attacksUses ultrasonic oscillation to deliver a refreshing cooling mist into the air silentlyDoubles as a diffuser – special built-in chamber for your essential or decongestant oilsTouch sensitive control panel to adjust mist settingsUnique ambient lighting feature adds an atmospheric glow to your roomThe large 2 litre tank lasts up to 10 hours without the need to re-fillAutomatically switches off when water tank is emptyLightweight and easily portable from one room to another The detailsCreate a comfortable and refreshing environment with this electriQ humidifier. It helps prevent the ill effects of low humidity and dry air caused by the cold weather. The slim design means it can be placed almost anywhere and can be easily moved from one area to another. Maintaining moisture level between 40%-60% in your home and can help in reducing the survival of flu viruses.With this ultrasonic humidifier the steam is generated by oscillating the water into a vapour so produces a cool mist that lasts longer in the air for greater effect. It is silent when in use great if you have a sleeping baby nearby!The touch sensitive control panel allows you to select one of three refreshing cooling mist levels and the current mode is indicated by the colour of light surrounding it. There's also an LED light that illuminates the water and acts as an ambient night light it alternates between various colours! There's even the option to turn all the lighting off.It holds up to 2 litres of water and lasts up to 10 hours so there's no need to keep refilling constantly which is super convenient. Thanks to the clever auto shut-off feature it'll turn off when it runs out of water saving energy and prolonging the life of your humidifier.There's even an integrated aromatherapy function to enable you to add essential oils; simply add a few drops in the special compartment before placing the lid back on and the mist released will soon give comfort for your mind body and soul or add decongestant oils and your airways will soon be clear! . Essential info . Dimensions . H32.5 x W14 x D15 cm Weight . 1.1/1.5 kg Water tank capacity . 2L LED indicator . Yes Mist levels . 3 – High (blue) medium (green) and low (red) Control panel . Touch sensitive control Night light . Yes Rated power . 25-28W Colour . White More info Maximum humidity output of 250ml of water per hourContinuous use of up to 10 hoursSuitable for small spacesSmall and easy to transport between roomsUser friendly touch sensitive control panelSeparate cavity for essential oilsOption of ambient mood light mode which alternates various coloursIncludes a cleaning brush and 3 float valves (1 fitted plus 2 spares)Rated voltage / frequency 100-240 V 50/60 Hz View User Manual. .

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