DD322FW SIMPLE Ecoair 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier up to 6 Bed House with Humidistat and 2 years warranty


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–>. ECOAIR . DD322FW Simple . is desiccant dehumidifier ideal for operation in medium to large houses with 3-6 bedrooms. Operating fine at Low Temperature this unit is designed for Indoor or Outdoor Buildings use. Also features a laundry mode. The control panel is simple to use featuring a rotary humidistat.Perfect for use in large homes offices and even warehouses workshops and garages the DD322FW-SIMPLE is a powerful and effective dehumidifier capable of extracting up to 10 litres a day extraction not being affected by low temperatures. This durable desiccant dehumidifier is perfect for home and commercial use.Ideal for 3-6 bed house Low Temperature Operation Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Buildings use. Also features a laundry mode The Ecoair . DD322FW-SIMPLE. desiccant dehumidifier is a powerful and effective dehumidifier which is capable of alleviating damp across large areas. The . DD322FW-SIMPLE. is ideal for a 3-6 bedroom household a large office or even a small warehouse. The robust build ensures appropriate use in both home and commercial environments.The Ecoair . DD322FW-SIMPLE . will extract water and excess moisture even in temperatures close to freezing making it ideal for most users and uses. For a constant and consistent extraction which isn’t altered by temperature fluctuations the . DD322FW-SIMPLE . is perfect.The . DD322FW-SIMPLE . comes with a two year manufacturer warranty as standard giving you peace of mind along with exceptional dehumidifying technology.Features Power consumption (W) 400-720Moisture removal 20°C RH60% (L/day) 10Working temperature 1-40 °CManually controlled lourvesContinuous drainage with 1 meter hose suppliedBuilt-in heaterVery slim and; compact Built in heaterNo noisy compressorWater tank capacity 3.5 litresEasy to use controlsFree from harmful gasesLightweight with carry handlesSafety features water full indicator and; automatic shut-off when tank fullLaundry mode2 years warranty Dimensions (W x D x H) 41.60 x 18.60 x 55.20 cm (net) 48.50 x 24.70 x 60.50 cm (gross) Weight 8.50 kg (net) 10.00 kg (gross) Brand ECOAIR.