EAP120HC air purifier with HEPA/ Ioniser Dual filters Photocatalytic


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What stands out Provides better air quality for a healthier home ideal for allergy and; asthma sufferersDual filter with 5 stage air purification against pollutants bacteria allergens and; VOC’sHelps reduce the effects smoking in the home has on air qualityEasy to use touch controls practical timer and; 2 speed settingsPlace it anywhere in the home or a small office as its compact with near silent operation The detailsYou’d be surprised just how many harmful substances allergens and spores can be found in the home that can have an effect on your health aggravate asthma and trigger allergies. With its plug in and go design and dual filter with 5 stages of air purification this nifty little air purifier is the perfect quick fix solution for better air quality and a healthier home. A true god send for hay fever and allergy sufferers!The compact design has an airflow of up to 55 m3/hr which makes it great for any room in the home and small offices. With quiet operation you can place it pretty much anywhere and you’ll barely notice it great for bedside tables or the kid’s room. It’s super simple to use with easy touch controls and 2 speed settings. Including an ioniser button you can control when this specific antibacterial stage is used letting you cater the settings to suit the environment. You don’t need to have it running constantly either as it has timer control. You can time the unit to turn on or off after 2 4 or 8 hours which is ideal if you want it to turn on before you get home from work or to switch off after you’ve gone to bed. The top of the unit even has an LED indicator so you can easily check the air quality of the room. If the sensors LED is blue then you’re on the right track and your air quality is good giving you peace of mind that what you’re breathing in isn’t harmful to your health.What makes this air purifier a top performer is its dual filter with its 5 stage air purification process. The 5 stages provide professional filtration and sterilisation to ensure a healthier living environment. They reduce and remove air pollutants such as dust hair pollen mould spores bacteria and VOC’s. They even take care of harmful airborn particles you might not think of such as those produced by household cleaners carpets flooring and paint. They eliminate unpleasant odours and minimise the effects smoking has on the air keeping your indoor air clean and fresh. Maintaining the air purifiers top grade performance is simple it’s just a case of replacing the all in one filter cartridge annuallyEssential info . Dimensions . H23.8 x W19 x D19 cm Weight . 1.3 kg Noise level . 25/39 (low/high) Airflow . 30/55 m/3hr (low/high) Cord length . 1.2 m More info Plug in and; go air purificationDual filter ensures doubly fresh filtered airIdeal for improving air quality in any room in the home or small officeImproves air quality for asthma and; allergy sufferersHelps improve the effects smoking in the home has on air quality5 Stages of air purification using professional air filtration and; sterilisationPrimary filter – removes large particles from the air such as dust lint and; hairAntibacterial HEPA filter – removes airborne particles such as bacteria pollen and; mould sporesCarbon filter – eliminates odours and; absorbs harmful substances such as formaldehydes and; benzenesPhotocatalytic filter – removes small particles and; reduces pollutantsPlasma ioniser – sterilises air and; reduces bacterial growthEasy to use touch controlsAdjustable fan speed – low or highLED indicator sensor to monitor air qualityAutomatic on timer – 2 4 or 8 hoursLasting performance with easy change cartridge filtersPower 8WVoltage 220-24