Ecoair DD122 Mini 6 Litre Slimline Desiccant Dehumidifier with Laundry Mode Humidistat and Antibacterial Filter


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–>. SLIM and Powerful. More water extracted than a 18l/day compressor even a low temperatures.. Good things mostly definitely come in small packages. At just 5kg and 27cm wide the DD122 Mini offers so much in battle against damp and condensation. Space saving stylish technology was our brief for the development of this product. Of course our core values around the best possible control functions and performance made this an exciting challenge. The DD122 Mini includes all the usual energy saving efficiencies of our E7 technology along with an extraction of 6L of moisture per day. Features such as Easy Touch Button Controls a Three Position Air Channel Louvre and Laundry Mode actively challenge damp and condensation in the home. Moisture at home (humidity) can damage possessions and homes themselves and occurs naturally through day to day living (cooking washing and showering). Moisture circulates at home and vapour is drawn to the coldest place often causing mould and condensation. By Placing a DD122 Mini centrally damp air will migrate and be filtered and collected.Protect your home possessions and family from the effects of excess moisture at home. . Features Can Dry flats to 4 bed houseSmall but Powerful. Slimmest dehumidifierIdeal for where space is at premium boats caravans garragesFully Featured also Dries LaundryCombats mould condensation and damp easier with Antibacterial filters Lowest Noise dehumidifier at 32db onlyPower consumption (W) 270 / 442Easy to use controlsFree from harmful gasesLightweight with carry handleSafety features water full indicator and; automatic shut-off when tank fullLaundry modeMoisture removal 20°C RH60% (L/day) 6Noise level 32 dB – whisper quiet in low fan modeVery slim and; compactNo noisy compressorClean Air protection – Kills bacteria on contactWater tank capacity 1.8 litres 2 years warranty. . Dimensions (H x W x D) 269 x 445 x 174mm (net) 323 x 540 x 242mm (gross) Weight 6.00 kg (net) 7.00 kg (gross). .