electriQ 360 Moisture Absorber with Free Refill


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What stands out . Perfect for kitchens bedrooms window sills bathrooms basements wardrobes garages storage units and caravansHealthier air – helps prevent condensation damp rooms mould and mildew in your homeDoesn’t require any electricity or batteries to runQuiet – it makes no noise so it wont disturb you as you sleep work or relaxSimple to use – just add the moisture absorbent beads and empty the water tank as and when requiredHighly efficient – Refill sachets are effective for up to 6 weeks in a 20 m² room The detailsIf you’re looking for an easy inexpensive way to combat damp and condensation in your home then this little moisture absorber is just the thing you need. It uses a natural process to absorb excess humidity from the air that doesnt require any power or batteries to run so you’ve the freedom to use it in places that would otherwise be inaccessible or unsafe for electrical dehumidifiers like bathrooms or walk-in wardrobes. It is great for bedrooms and offices too because it makes no noise so you can go about your business without even knowing it’s in the same room as you.It works using refillable sachets that convert the humidity into a brine solution which then gets collected in the tank below. Each sachet lasts on average about 6 weeks in rooms up to 20m² in size but depending on the moisture level in your room they can last a lot longer. The transparent water tank allows you to keep track of the water level at a glance so you know when to empty it. When the tank reaches near full capacity simply open the top of the unit and pour the water tank down a sink or toilet. It really is that easy to use! Essential info . Refillable moisture absorberAerodynamic device with an improved efficiency of up to 40% compared to standard moisture absorbersAnti-spill tank for maximum safetySuitable for rooms up to 20m²Does not need any power to operateProvides a fast and simple way to healthier airUses a natural process to absorb excess humidity from the airSuitable for kitchens bedrooms basements wardrobes garages storage units and caravansWater tank capacity 1 LitreRefillable moisture absorber includedDimensions W17 x H22 x D17cmWeight 320g Whats included? 1 x Moisture absorber1 x Moisture absorber sachet View Dehumidifier Instruction Manual “