Rechargeable Car Dehumidifier – Desiccant – Twin Pack MD100


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Amcor MD100 Rechargeable Mini Desiccant Dehumidifier – Twin PackWith one unit retailing at £30 we are offering a great saving compared with our competitors and we are including an extra unit at no additional cost!The . MD100. is a compact rechargeable mini desiccant dehumidifier designed to use in small spaces like cupboards wardrobes storage boxes and more.Once charged place this compact dehumidifier where desired and leave it to work away. Once the indicator window turns pink the unit needs to be recharged. Recharging the unit regenerates the crystals so that they can dehumidify effectively. Once the indicator window turns blue the unit is charged restored and ready to use again.This compact dehumidifier is ideal for protecting precious items like your camera clothes and more from damp. It can be charged 1000’s times and has a very long life span of around 10 yearsFeatures Stops mould developing in drawers cupboards wardrobes keeping clothes fresh and dryFavourite with collectors as it keeps their valuables dry saving 1000s poundsProtects expensive equipment or tools stored in boxes or confined spacesDoes not need electrical power to operate making it truly portableRecharges quickly from a plug-in cable Lifetime DurabilityChanges the colour when crystals absorbed the maximum amount of waterExtracts water naturally drying the surrounding air without releasing any chemicals or odoursEconomical to recharge MD100 uses only 25 W per hour recharging (cca 10 hrs) which is less than one hour compressor dehumidifier run.You may not need to recharge this unit for up to two weeks depending on the localised humidity.MD100 does not over dry as only absorbs the excess humidityThe package contains 2 x MD100 mini dehumidifiers and one charging cable Please note There is a heating element inside of MD100 which slowly releases the humidity during regenerationIdeally it is to recharge the MD100 in a dry room or a room where a standard dehumidifier is usedThis product does not contain any cobalt chloride. Colour changes occur through a silicon dioxide process; making this very safe a non-toxic applianceView User Manual