Desiccant Dehumidifier – Suitable for upto 5 Bedroom Homes


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COMBATS MOULD CONDENSATION and; DAMP Protect your health and home from the harmful effects of excess humidity with this fast-dry 8L desiccant dehumidifier from electriQ – now at popular request with . WiFi Alexa/ Google Assistant. voice control and automation. Suitable for flats and homes up to 4 bedrooms this powerful yet incredibly energy efficient dehumidifier provides a cost-effective solution in combating damp mould and condensation. CONTROL USING YOUR SMARTPHONE . Access anywhere. – Switch the dehumidifier/ heater/ on whilst away ready for when you get home or to the office Control multiple devices. – Take control of multiple units using the one app ideal for commercial use in holiday homes caravans boats or offices. Easy to share. – Give your family or co-workers access to the device and its settings. Advanced scheduling. – Set it to automatically run at different times of the day out of peak hours when the energy tariff is cheap. Alexa and Google assistant compatible. – Control the unit using only your voice – Alexa/ok Google start my living room dehumidifier EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE . DESD8LW. If the humidity is too high then your home is at risk of mould but if it’s too low then airborne viruses like flu can survive longer. Thankfully the dehumidifier boasts an intelligent digital humidistat with variable humidity selectable between 50% and 60% ensuring your room is not over dried and power is not wasted. Alternatively the Auto mode can be selected to run continuously. . BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF This model even comes with an ioniser that works to remove any particulates microbes and odours from the air. . HEAT YOUR ROOM As well as functioning as a powerful dehumidifier the DESD8LW can also be used as a heater too! It’s perfect for areas that don’t have adequate heating but are prone to damp such as garages or basements. Now you can start and stop this remotely via the Smart App. EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE ENHANCED BY SMART CONTROLSBeing a desiccant dehumidifier DESD8LW can function at temperatures close to freezing. This makes it a perfect option for use also in outbuildings or unheated areas such as garages cellars and caravans. It also makes it incredibly efficient compared with compressor models 8L desiccant being equivalent to 25 litres compressor dehumidifier.. Key Features . Control and monitor the humidity of your home office boat caravan garage or holiday home from anywhere using your Android or Apple phone or tabletAt popular request . Wifi. controlled version of our best-selling desiccant dehumidifier Alexa / Google Assistant. smart home automation and voice controlLow temperature operation perfect for garages cellars holiday homes boats and caravans now with advanced app humidity monitoringHeating function with 2 levelsEffective way to combat mould condensation and damp with further energy savings due to smart app schedulingAir Cleaning anti-odour filter and IoniserQuiet and energy-efficientReduces your winter heating bill as dry air is quicker to heatHealthy – Humid Air pulled in; cleaner dry heated air outLaundry function the Continuous setting is ideal for laundry in conjunction with the high fan speedLarge 2.5 litres water tank or permanent drainage optionAll year round useOnly to be used as a secondary heat source . Technical information . Suitable for up to 4 bedroom homesExtracts up to 8L per dayElectronic controlsWashable anti-bacterial mesh filter for ease of useMaximum noise level 30dBOperational temperature